Hydrogen Demonstration

Hydrogen as a carbon neutral, alternative fuel – assuming carbon neutral production can be achieved – will be essential to delivering the U.K. government’s net zero target by 2050. However, hydrogen production hasn’t been achieved on a mass scale yet and firing 100% hydrogen would require substantial infrastructure upgrades. Therefore, it is likely that we will be burning a mixture of various natural gas and hydrogen blends moving forward.

Limpsfield has been designing and manufacturing hydrogen fired burners for 20 years. The burners are not only hydrogen-ready as standard, but also meet the MCPD low NOx requirements and are in the process of getting UKCA, UL, CE approval. In addition, any NOx emissions that hydrogen produces when burned can be almost eradicated when combining Limpsfield’s Low NOx burner technology and with Autoflame’s ATEX combustion management control systems.

London’s first live hydrogen burner testing

As exclusive representative for Limpsfield and Autoflame in the U.K., we support our customers in meeting future decarbonisation legislation and government targets. Already, the products have proven to significantly reduce our client’s emissions and fuel costs. In addition, any burners we supply now can fire natural gas and hydrogen, with very minimal changes to the burner and the control system.

As the first manufacturer in London and together with our partners, we are planning a live demonstration of hydrogen firing. Given the rapid developments and exciting R&D projects currently being carried out in this field, the date has yet to be determined.

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